Go Bus Company is a shareholding company working  in the field of public transport under the supervision of the Ministry of  Transport since 1998.

Fast and reliable: Go Bus offers Buses like the Elite Plus,  Business and Royal Class services which are direct to the drop-off station,  making the trip short and enjoyable with our top luxurious classes.

Easy and simple booking: Enjoy booking with Go Bus wherever you go.  With its wide stations coverage, website and mobile app, it allows customers to  easily book their ticket with the click of a button.

Available 24 hours a day: All of Go Bus’ stations are open 24 hours  to conveniently serve their customers whenever they choose to book their  ticket.

On-board services: Aboard the Elite Plus, Business and Royal  Class, Go Bus an attendant to serve the customers with a free meal and drinks  along the way. The Elite Plus Class also offers free wifi service, individual  LCD screens installed in each seat and super comfortable seats with the  availability of single chairs.