North Coast (or Sahel) had always been the summer destination for all Egyptians, but it’s slowly losing its serenity. If you feel that Sahel turned from a relaxing getaway to an overcrowded and stressful one. Ras El Hekma is, then, your destination!

Ras El Hekma is the new “Sahel”; located near Marsa Matrouh, it’s a beautiful part of heaven on earth that has the most beautiful waters and beaches on the North Coast. It’s the new Sahel destination because it is the ideal combination of a peaceful atmosphere, beautiful scenery, wonderful community, soft white sandy beaches, clear turquoise waters, and plenty of activities.

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If you wish to spend your summer in a special serene getaway – that is also a little piece of paradise – then, Ras El Hekma is definitely your destination for a peaceful, natural, beautiful, and a very blue summer. That’s why we’ve gathered all what you might need to know about Ras El Hekma in just one place. Visit to know more.